The corn lord attacked me

Im pretty adept with knives tools ect… i tried to open a can of creame corn… ended up jamming a spoon inbetween the can and the lid to pop it loose… it threw the sharp lid into my hand… under the pinky on the side of my hand…it went to the bone…

I went to the er for a tet shot and some liquid stitches… i busted them… been super glueing it… dam corn got me good… it knows i follow the great potato… lol

ahhhh disaster!!! get a can opener from the dollar store! :frowning:




You gotta be careful with those sharp can lids. I remember once as a kid, my mom was pressing the garbage down in the kitchen garbage can and cut her hand on the edge of a can lid. To this day, I’m always careful to put the can lid inside the empty can before putting it in the garbage.


It’s just a temporary setback in your quest to survive on creamed vegetables. Good luck son.