The controller

             My x-father in law joe murphy is one of the controllers which is a conflict of interest I think, and God almighty jethro is always trying to talk some sense into him about what to do about me. He listens most of the time but is stubborn about other things. God Almighty has told Joe Murphy he plans on using the "can opener" on him. Then he'll see things god's way. He used that can opener on me in 2005. That's when they diagnosed me with schizophrenia. I remember when it happened. I was mentally discplined before he used that "can opener" on me. Then they just opened my mind and body up, and everything was lovey dovey lovey dovey. I was going to neighbors houses to introduce myself, and have lovey dovey conversations with them. One of them called the cops on me. Back to the controller, he has control over your every movement and limits what you say. no joke, these controllers are quiet talented. I sometimes think of the controller as being satan, but he is just one of gods technichians. the controller can control what thoughts enter your mind, what thoughts you communicate or dont, and can control how we feel. It makes me think we should be praying to the controller, but no.

No praying to a controller like that! Banish that controller. It may be Satan or some evil entity, who knows? But ultimately your own decisions control yourself. even if it seems like something is powerful enough to control you (it is actually influencing but not truly controlling), you can have the upper hand.

Going to neighbors doors to have random conversations with them, even if you feel you are ‘sent’ by the controller will do no good and can easily result in what happened to you. I recall someone getting 30 days in the hospital for such activities a few years ago.

A broken can opener is a can’t opener…Break the controllers can opener.

And although this song is allegedly blasphemous to the real God, it is appropriate to the false god of Jethro and his insidious can opener…the song actually applies to the men who claim Jesus name and commit blasphemous deeds in his name, not to Jesus Christ himself…

        I really like your post e lunaseer, thanks for the video, I would have never thought of that.
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