The Congressman I worked for has COVID

I’m already in a shitty mood. That put me in an even more shittier mood. He was always real kind to me. I also seen him fight for the ideals Americans should have. He also got some things done.

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@zwolfgang you said you worked for the congressman too. What was your initial reaction?

covid has a survival rate of over 99% I wouldn’t worry

Where did you read this? I read its around 85%.
It depends if you have a health condition, age, etc

It’s not 99% 1555

Nobody knows the real number. Some people are being tested multiple times and others aren’t being tested at all.

Strange to Note, You Can Say Something Like, @GEDchill Has Said in a Thread. But!,

Can’t Talk About Spirituality. Which is Clean And Within a Sphere of Mystery & Perfection.

Jus Weird… . … :sleeping:

Keep my name out of your mouth. That’s pretty shitty of you to bring me up. It’s even shittier of you to do it twice. People say curse words. Grow up! The problem with religion is that people have fu cling delusIons about it.

Kinda Like Humans to Oxygen?.

The official estimate in my country is an over 99% survival rate. I have no idea about the US but I suspect the survival rate is lower.

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Tree beard!!! My first (or second) favorite (jk ilu all) moderator is back!!! I don’t play favorites. But you’re up there.

You’re still a mod, correct??

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Yes, at least for now. :slight_smile: It’s nice to know someone likes me! I’m glad you’ve stuck around all these years too.

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Almost No place I’d rather be Then the comfort and good health that I’m in right now, right here.

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He probably will be ok.

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