The Concept of Schizophrenia



how about “hallucination disorder”?

Good read. I think it’s accurate.

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Interesting article. Like most things we need more research and money but there’s some intersting points that challenge how I approach things. I think it’s natural that most are moving to a spectrum disorder and that may indeed be the way forward.

thankyou Jayster!


A spectrum would definitely explain why meds help certain people more than others

And the effect of trauma was shocking to me fiftyfold is staggering.

I think a spectrum maybe the way to go just because of how varied sz and other sz disorders are

Hopefully this is a good step to better treatments.


Interesting but there are other illnesses that have varied degrees of recovery that don’t seem to have an obvious cause. They do not need to change the name however, because Hollywood and the media don’t profit off Putting a negative spin on the label. Terrifying everyone including the people that end up with that label.