The Concept : Meds made me do it 😅

That’s right. Pre-manic/hypomanic state gave me great focus. Mind became so clear that I got obsessed with that state. Worried about what if mind goes back to being anxious and feeling low.

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True, when I do things what I learnt, I think I go manic. Because I spend continuous 6 to 9 hours doing it without a break.
And at that time I feel so good.

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I used to feel like I went into zone while doing something even when speaking with others around me.
Clumsiness had disappeared as well. Had got pretty fast in doing work.

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True me too when I talk of my interests I get in the zone.

I feel schizo gave me a label just so I know my features that comes along.

The more I got to know from here, I started to see the brightside.

It’s just that before being labeled I was not so bright.

True there is a brightside, if I just tame the beast.
I will know which strings to be pulled, to give a wonderful note.

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Well, the devil made Flip Wilson do it.


I was the most social on abilify. I felt slow and in a bad mood on risperidone.

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Good you were social, what made you change ? If I may ask.

Abilify made me grind my teeth. It also sent my libido annoyingly high.

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That something I have too, because it been 3 years on abilify and currently 20mg its very hard to deal with the above two. Yes, meds differ person to person.

Yeah… :sweat_smile:

I wished that improvement lasted. I still think if I just hadn’t gone overboard it would have. It is foolish and naive.

I had an allergic reaction to resperidone. My tongue swelled up when I was in my therapy appointment. I had to go to the ER. Not fun!!

If that improvement lasted everyone would do it.
I give it time. As this is all I got.

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That’s bad @cathart1c hope you are out of it.

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Yeah I switched to Abilify shortly after and now I’m on Caplyta

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Ha just read your post. Thats me all over lol. But its the only drug that works for me.

Do they have Aristada over there? It helped me and wasn’t as bad as Invega.

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No i dont think they do. I googled it.

Im pretty sure its not NHS funded, and it would take 6 months just to hear from a shrink for 5 minutes.

Well that sucks.

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