The comments of voices on the appearance of patients with psychosis: 'the voices tell me that I am ugly'


the most frequent is they say about how fat i am.

heard 1 positive voice in my entire life: “you’re doing okay”

Ah man, they know everything.

When it first came into my head, told me the nicest stuff, that was in January. Now just last month it started telling me I was ugly

I don’t know whether I’d call my internal dialog ‘voices’ or not. I’m constantly negotiating mith my symptoms and using CBT and trying to calm myself down, but I don’t consider this to be ‘voices’. I think it should be up to the patient themselves what label to put on their internal experiences, as negative labels tend to stick around and it’s all subjective anyway.

When I had voices they told me I’m ugly inside and out and that I’m too ugly to be seen so I’m not aloud to leave the apartment because someone might see how ugly I am.

(I was bullied as a child and teen for being ugly)

I also heard moans, gunshots, screams and incredibly hurtful other things .

So happy I don’t have voices anymore.

I felt I was being tortured.

I could never relax.

It was 24/7 .
Only time I didn’t hear them is when I was incredibly drunk or asleep.

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