The Coffee shop

Just sitting in the coffee shop and it’s very relaxing, got a leather couch all to myself and I love the music they play :wink: :slightly_smiling_face:

How are you guys? What you doing? x


Hey man. Glad you are having a good time. What kind of coffee do you get?

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I ordered two bottles of Moccona coffee from internet and they delivered at my door this morning. Very happy. Moccona coffees are produced in the Netherlands.

I don’t spend time at the coffee shops very often in order to save money. But I eat lunch at noodlebars frequently. Coffees are expensive in China as a cup of Starbuck coffee usually cost you around 5 US dollars while a bowl of beef noodles only costs you 3 US dollars.


This sounds yummy… beef are banned here… holy cow…!!!

@anon20613941 it’s Costa which I think may be kenco, I have a latte twice a day usually,

@green5 noodles sound yummy, we don’t have that here but I make my own noodles very cheaply :slight_smile:

@far_cry0 hey farcry :hugs::sunglasses::slightly_smiling_face:


Hey @asgoodasitgets U seems like u enjoying ur days a lot…!!! Keep it up bro…!! Have a lovely day ahead… i am going to walk 1 hr with my mom…

Chillax guys…

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Costa is already coming to here in my country.

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hi @Plumber i am spending far too much on the coffee there so i bought a cheap coffee machine and made myself some costa latte with the pods i bought lol, its similar but its not the same, i think i could get use to it and it would save me a lot of money :slight_smile:


Good. I think it is healthier too (that you brew it yourself)?

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i wish it was a better coffee machine though, i would have preferred the one that has the handle and steamer on it :slight_smile: i think that would have been more fun and better coffee :wink:

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