The cleaning ladies just cleaned my basement

It smells like vinegar in here. The cleaning solutions smells like vinegar. I feel better, because my basement is cleaner.


I have a cleaner now

She does 2 hours once a month

Deeps cleans the bathroom and kitchen

My motivation with chores is not good, but hey, they give me some non-means tested funds for my illness, so some of it goes to making sure my place is kept clean once in a while

I am not paying someone to clean my place, I do it myself.


I understand that vinegar is a natural cleaner and that’s it’s healthy to use it for cleaning. The odor doesn’t last that long. I usually use a natural cleaner with a natural floral or herb scent. It’s not a strong cleaner but it works. I don’t like 409 or any of those typical cleaners that people use. Except my bathroom, I use Ajax on the toilet and bath and Clorox on the rest.

Aziz, i was close to hiring a cleaner because the cleaning requirements where i live are through the roof…but £26 for 2 hours once per month was the cheapest i could find…hell no am i spending that even as someone who is sick of cleaning due to my job

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Thats really cheap, here its much more.

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yea usually it is more…1212121212

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When I first had my own place I kept it pretty good.

Last few years have been tough, and I have needed the extra support doing this otherwise I never hear the end of it from my parents

My clothes needed ironing one month, and she did that instead of the bathroom

Apparently I should have been ‘ashamed of myself’ for how horrible it was, but I am not a clinical clean freak like my parents are and don’t notice

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Glad im not the only one with a cleaner. I pay £13.50 an hour for a local firm every 2 weeks.

Or i will bribe the neighbour lol.

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I have once a month but was considering asking for 2 weekly

Probably being a bit tight

Do a lot in the flat to keep it tidy, but not sure if a deep clean once a month for 2 hours is enough

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Yeah i know what you mean. My kitchen always comes off worse. The cleaner usually spends an hour in there first. Im the type to have about 15 cups in the sink lol and numerous dishes before i end up running out of china lol.

I swear i would buy a dishwasher - but i aint got the plumbing for one. lol :smiley:

I have a table top one that sits above the washing machine next to the sink

Only cost £200 and it’s great for storing dirty plates and saves hand washing them

Pretty lazy sometimes

If I don’t have my parents visiting regularly it really does get out of hand very quickly

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i worked as cleaner so i clean my home but sometimes look like disaster

Ohh. You not got a link for one have you? That would suit me mate :slight_smile:

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I don’t own this model, as I bought it 5 years ago on offer, but still a similar price

Good if you live alone

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