The CIA is after me

It’s a bad day. There is a white van parked outside the house I know they are CIA they are just toying with me. I bet they are going to come kill me today

I believed things like that, but it never occurred to me that I was mentally ill. I was unmedicated, undiagnosed, visiting websites that basically preyed on the mentally ill that promoted these ideas as real.

If you’re posting here, then you at least realise that you have a mental illness and this is a delusion.

Hang in there, wait for the van to go away which it will.


What would they wants with a guy like you anywho?

Who are you? You have some kind of crazy hidden knowledge or something?

What do they wants with you?


You don’t want to be black listed, and if you can find out if you are, it is to your advantage, that way you will know what you are dealing with.

Other than that, I would say, listen to some music, or t.v. and try to ignore the van. They don’t need vans these days, they do so much more from remote access, but I do understand your paranoia.

by the way when I was a kid, we used to call a black van, “Chester the molester”


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I don’t think the CIA is looking for you.
I also believed once that all the secret services of the world were after me, turned out not to be true and that I’m mentally ill.
Like @everhopeful says, if you posted here you realize this is a delusion deep down. Take a deep breath and everything will be fine.


My neighbors recently had a party, and I had a black SUV, white SUV, white van and gold Mercury Sable parked outside my house. I looked at them out my window and thanked my lucky stars I wasn’t having those delusions right now.

Why would the CIA be after you? Daze is right, this isn’t how they’d do it if they were.

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How do you feel right now? It sounds like this could be scary.

This is a common delusion that can easily “reality checked” by going over to it and peaking in the windows. I’m sure its empty - people don’t typically sit in vans for too long.


Thank you everyone I feel a lot better now


Yes you’re absolutely right there are awful websites saying terrible things. They make a person believe that those who are trying to help us are out to get us. I wish those websites wouldn’t be allowed but I guess that’s free speech. Vulnerable people should avoid those sites and read more uplifting, happy articles. The further you get into recovery the more you realize those sites are scaring people so they can sell survival products.


They’re all kind of in bed with each other, aren’t they, the CIA, the APA, the corporate sponsorship, the law makers, and really we are mere puppets trying to live a better life. As the song goes, some of them want to pull the strings, some of them want you to pull the strings. Even if you do decide, it can only be against your ideology, and not necessarily affect how you think.

It must be scary to feel threatened like that. Try to get out and about in public. IF there’s a problem then there’ll be people around to see it, and if there isn’t a problem then you’ve had a better day.