The Choice

Game Show Host: Welcome to the Game Show “Life Choices” and we have a contestant here named Regina Harlow. She has a choice between Door #1, Door #2, and Door #3. Unlike another particular show she is told what she is picking because a life decision is important.
Regina: What’s behind Door #1?
Host: It’s a man with schizophrenia. Because he had a prodomal phase that began in adolescence he couldn’t do well in school or do a good job holding down a job. So by the time he was diagnosed at age 23 he only had enough work credits to obtain SSI. His medical costs are $3,000 a month primarily due to the expense of his medicine. He is a secret admirer and wants to marry you. You have a choice of being on him with SSI and only being allowed to have $3,000 in assets which would mean your kids wend to a substandard inner city school where they would get a bad start in life and you’d live in a crime ridden neighborhood. Or if you have the money you can support him and his medical costs.He’ll be loyal to you because no other woman wants him.
Regina: What’s behind Door #2?
Host: This is a rich bachelor who will divorce you for a 18 year old woman when you get old. But he’ll provide well for you and your kids and have a nice prenuptial agreement for you.
Regina: What’s behind Door #3.
Host: A trip to Syria.
Regina: I’ll take the trip.
Host; Now for our next contestant. Billy Franklin. Behind Door #1 is a female lawyer with a sweet personality who looks like Eleanor Roosevelt, and behind Door #2 is a cold hearted woman who is a knockout but will cheat on you at the drop of a hat and has an IQ of 50.
Billy: Door #2 sir.
Host: This concludes “Life Choices” for this week brought to you by Ramrod Condoms, and Sweet Valley Foods which have only a 100 grams of sugar per serving. Goodbye everyone and have a Happy Easter.

Lol. Funny.