The child’s perspective

The views of a child who has never seen much war, hate, anger, violence, abuse, etc…

Is beautiful. Just came to a stream that was overflowing with mud. All brown from overflowing.

I realized that for the past 18 years or so, when I see such a thing I don’t think twice.

But when I was a child 0-10 I used to go sit at the stream and say “wow this is amazing. How did this happen??? It’s so beautiful” and id analyze it.

But at some point I lost that childhood love. I guess we all do. But interestingly enough I’m kind of getting it back. That awe and wonder.

Here’s a pic of the brook, which used to inspire me

I think the more you have that childhood wonder, well there must be something healthy about this mindset imo.


A very good way to realize and to look onward with, @Jonnybegood

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Well said dude!


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