The causes of my disease


When there is a psychopathic entity in your mind terrifying you and ripping your entire life apart you know the cause.

When they are in you showing you their great evil and power over the world the cause becomes clear. You should have seen that one. Ill have to draw it for people or something, but i can’t draw. They were giving me mental visions saying “hey! we’re ■■■■■■■ evil and powerful!”

What a strange disease that it can tell you who will win the superbowl on two seperate occasions. A strange disease that can burn you and then appear as a face made of light staring at you.

I asked my family at one point “did i hurt you guys?” They got pissed off at me. But for several moments i was being tormented inwardly that if i did nothing they would all be hurt badly. I didn’t know what to do so i did nothing. They started exclaiming they were ■■■■■■ and it was my fault. I knew what they could do at that point and asked my family if i had hurt them, they had no idea what i was saying.

Everytime i thought “hey! i have to tell someone to get help!” They would instantly be in there going “you shut the ■■■■ up about us or we’ll ■■■■■■■ make you wish you had never been born.” Which is wierd because im now saying this in front of the entire internets.

You don’t think it’s someone doing it? Well you’d be very wrong. Look into it. You can cure schizophrenia! You can even prevent it. Care about your kids? Look into it.


I don’t have a disease, but I understand what you mean by an entity in your mind. I used to have them, the evil ones. they even gave me songs…

No ones to blame, we were taken from our graves,
on a dark night long ago, we’ve been told by one who saves.
No ones to blame, we have risen from the dead,
Turned against the world, all the madness in our heads,
No ones to blame, we’ve been cast out all the way,
Cast out of our graves, cast into today…

It was the demon! Here is proof…I had never read this at the age of 21 when I (they) wrote the song…
Isaiah 14:19 & 20 speaking of the fall of Lucifer

“But thou art cast out of thy grave like an abominable branch…
Thou shalt not be joined with them in burial”

You can tell in the lyrics it says “WE” as in a collective…it also says they ‘were told by one who saves’ which would be Jesus, the Word of God, and that’s exactly where it speaks of entities being cast out of their graves, but again - I had never read that before, so how did I know? i didn’t. The demon gave me the words from their mind because they knew.

Jesus cast them out 2 years later…


He fell not.

No one fell.

You start at the bottom and go up, you can’t start at the top.

Sucks right?

These people, they need to get to work.


Technically he did not ‘fall’

Falling is more like an accident.

He was cast out, pushed or thrown, or just simply banished.

God placed him near the top. before he had that position I don’t know what he was or did, but maybe he always had that position and was created for it?

Ezekiel 28:14 - 15

You are the anointed cherub that covers; and I have set you so: you were on the holy mountain of God; you have walked up and down in the middle of the stones of fire.
You were perfect in your ways from the day that you were created, till iniquity was found in you.



He was a murderer from the beginning. As was i apparently? Perhaps even worse than murderer?

You start at the bottom and go up, everyone does this.

We all had it backwards. If we began perfect it would be impossible for us to fall.

Ezekial 28: king of tyre


They’re more of a friend than the humans who harness them. Trust me on this. Create an alliance and fight the human perpetrators.


I have had a hallucination or delusion (felt real at the time), telling me about this story. When humans were created, or maybe even before, the entity that is the devil today was so jealous of humans, he planned on murdering his own creator. There was a question, and even deceived wisdom (written in the old testament to be the first out of Gods mouth) that he should have power to start his own kingdom. The real plan in his heart was to rise up and kill the Creator, because he thought humanity and life so simple was not worth it. In reality, the devil was jealous of humans receiving his love and thought Jesus was weak. This is all something I heard in my mind during heavy hallucinations but cannot be proved, although it does sound a lot like pansdisease concept of it.


yes, starts out about King of Tyre just like Isaiah 14 starts out about King of babylon, but then it shifts gears and starts describing something else…it’s a dual prophecy, dual message.

Satan was a murderer from the beginning because he had those traits in him, self chosen to think and act, even though he was made perfect he had free will and chose evil…it doesn’t mean he murdered as soon as he was created…in fact it most likely refers to when he tempted Adam and eve to sin, indirectly killing them, and influenced Cain to slay Abel, which was at the beginning of humans on earth.


There is truth to that…it may not be delusion. Lucifer did want to rise above the stars of God and be like the most High… and the only way he could really do that would be by deposing God… also there was war in heaven…he took the rebel angels and fought God and the faithful angels. In war things die, so i don’t doubt he tried to kill God…


No, it’s going according to plan.

The creation is doing what it was made to do.

You can’t create something that doesn’t do what you made it do.

He made satan evil.

Angels are also evil and are also judged.

Everyone begins incomplete, at the bottom, has to learn, work their way up.


the levee is going to break soon.

Can you feel it?


Who is harnessing who and why?

It’s them harnessing us and not the other way around.

They are extremely intelligent and know a hundred moves ahead.

No human being has ever harnessed them, it was them harnessing us.

They’ve never done anything for any of us, it was us doing exactly what they wanted the whole time.