The catch-22 hospitalization

Years ago I was in the middle of a nasty relapse. I had my initial break in 1980 and I was hospitalized several times. I got out and got “stable” and I thought I would never be hospitalized again. But in 1989 I was hospitalized several more times.

I remember entering one hospital and I was placed on a mandatory 72 hour hold before I talked to a doctor about getting out. After three days I thought I was getting released. I went in the docs office and he told me I wasn’t ready to get out and he was placing me on another 72 hour hold. I got angry and agitated and told him they promised I could leave and that I was perfectly fine. His answer was that just the fact that I was angry and agitated showed I wasn’t ready to get out and that if I wasn’t careful he had a right to impose a 14 day hold on me. Catch-22
I was so angry that I went in my room and punched the wall. Almost immediately an orderly poked his head in and asked what was that noise. I said it wasn’t me though I was the only one in the room, lol.

I realized my mistake was getting angry at the doc so when 72 hours was up I talked to him again and I was cool, calm, and collected. It worked and they released me.


i was in the psych ward 2 times… every time for 4 months. First psych ward i was busy all the time with getting out. Second time in psych ward i was ok with it and i worked on getting better…


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