The Cat is Gone... Whew

A new trick from the head circus… When my meds were getting switched over I was starting to hear a cat around. There are cats outside… not a big deal.

Then I was hearing the cat inside… “must have left the door open.”- no big deal.

One night, I heard the cat in the apartment and I was getting mad at my kid sis for not feeding her cat. I tried to find the cat food, but we have none, also, I couldn’t find the cat. I looked for “our cat” for a very long time, like a a sad game of hide and seek.
I called my sister and told her I can’t find the cat or the cat food. She gently told me… we don’t have a cat. I kept hearing it. I figured it’s outside again. This cycle started all over.
Cat outside, cat inside, never stopping it’s mewing and howling. Now when I woke up this morning… I don’t hear a cat at all.
I’ve never had animal voices before. I don’t want to again. The cat is gone… :smile:

I am so glad its gone! I get random sounds such as telephone ringing and an airplane but never an animal voice.