The Carb Dealers

The carb dealers are everywhere
They sell sodas, bread, and sugar galore
They are in the health food section
Which are full of candy bars
They add sugar to supplements and drugs
They have no shame
They are in every drink but water
They are in the all the snacks in the snack machine
They are lowering the price to get your dollars
The carbs make us addicts
And make us obese
They give us diabetes
And all kinds of terrible things
I used to buy from the dealers
And the cravings kept me hooked
And the makers of insulin began to drool
Another patient coming like so many other fools
But slowly I made a change
I started with the sodas
And drank artificial drinks for a time
And then quit them and left the drink aisle behind
And then I quit pizza and all bread
Because even whole grain messed up my head
Then I quit the crackers, desserts and chocolate
And suffered through the cravings well
And told the carb dealers to go to Hell
Now I eat uncured meat, nuts, veggies, cheese and eggs
And the cravings took off to the moon
I hope they stay there
And never come back
So now the weight is dropping
And my head is clearing up
Goodbye carb dealers what more can I say
Your poison is no longer welcome here
And it’s a brand new day

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I tried a hardcore ketogenic diet once, and it was a weird experience. Two weeks into it I had almost no energy, lots of brain fog, etc but the weirdest part was the skin around my eyes started turning yellow and then brown, it freaked my mother out. I think if I ever tried it again, I would just be mild with it, just cut out obviously unhealthy carbs but not go all-out.

I do eat popcorn sometimes and go a little off the diet with the sugar part about once a week. I don’t eat bread though because it’s definitely no good for me. I also eat bananas, oranges, blueberries and occasionally strawberries so it’s not completely hard core. I’ve lost quite a bit of weight (about 20 pounds) but have a long way to go before I could be considered healthy. I have no target weight loss and don’t reasonably expect to look like I did when I was younger because of the drugs I’m taking and my advanced age. Plus it’s definitely not a cure for schizophrenia as the voices continue although at a manageable level. I have mixed feelings about seeing my relatives in a few months because their diet is full of bread and sugar but the enjoyment of seeing my nieces trump the fear of going off my diet because I know I’m able to go back on it when they are gone. It does suck for cooking food which is a pleasure I’ve enjoyed more since I am getting my own food because so many recipes involve bread and sugar and I am running out of new ways to make meals which I know will lead to boredom which may tempt me to go back to the bad stuff but for now I’m holding my ground. I think of how far I’ve come when I hear the drink machine being used outside my apartment and thinking what a terrible thing those sodas really have between 50-100 grams of sugar for 20 ounces.

Yeah I think I went way too hardcore with it, and too fast. I was trying to “induction” so I wasn’t even eating fruit or anything.