The candle light ritual: my thoughts, full of complexities

I have been here in my little town now close to 21 years. I did light my candle again in this evening. Some thoughts came to my mind. It is the history that we may carry with us. For example I have one old Greek clay mug and on the top of it is one old ashtray from Moscow and a Buddhist monk is sitting on this ashtray. Does this make any sense, maybe not but that is how the world is. Full of complexities as it is on my table where I have the head statue of Lenin, the statue of Christ on which I have one Templar necklace next to two smiling skulls, one Red star smiling skull and my military badge of being a scribe as I am doing here, writing my thoughts. All this does not make any sense as my mind sometimes seems to be, making no sense and filled with all kinds of illogical thoughts and relations. We as szs may see the world full of relations and links that may connect us with other beings such as my thoughts in 1999 connecting me to the new era of Russia’s world where certain people are leading as they have done for many decades. My mind sometimes would like to visit old Soviet apartment buildings in Siberia but then again the common sense takes over my mind and makes me to believe the world as it is now. Really does this make any sense at all? What might be your thoughts? By the way my weekend meals and drinks cost 23.56 €.

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