The candle light ritual, emptiness

I started having my candle light ritual in 1999 when I was in America. I do it every Friday, primarily in the evening. So I had it again today. Nothing special came to my mind, just emptiness. The world is evolving whether we are a part of it or not. I returned to my little town 20 years ago and I have seen how the population of the town is decreasing. I was born here 55 years ago. Needless to say that the town is not any major development center and there are a lot of vacant real estate and shops. Major cities are developing and their population is increasing. I would say that my little town is a quiet and peaceful place to live. We have nice parks where people can sit on benches. Somehow ‘Japanese Garden’ came to my mind. What could I say? Nothing really comes to my mind, just emptiness. I have had this my ritual in interesting places. I have nice Eastern Orthodox bracelets. Peace, life and hope.


Nice to read, mjseu.

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