The calm after the storm

It feels like it.

After very few hectic years, things finally seem like they’re at a good place.

I am rarely moving my mouth, talking to myself or even having intrusive thoughts.
I quit Wellbutrin 3 weeks ago and things changed immediately.

I also re-started vaping. I think it’s actually helping me.

I feel more confident, more grounded, happier and lighter. My thoughts are not intense. I feel a bit care-free.

I’ve been working a lot on my two blogs and just spending my time relaxing lately.

I no longer feel like I need L-Theanine. I’m not taking them.


this sounds rreally good :slight_smile:
just make sure your doing things step by step and not all at once… it’s better that way


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Awesome news!

I find it comforting to hear when one of us is doing well.

It gives me hope :slight_smile: :v:.

  • Monte
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Sounds good. Enjoy the good times and may you continue to improve!


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