The butternut squash noodle blues

I just want to say
That as a red blooded Italian American woman
Butternut squash noodles
Are thoroughly disappointing
Who thought of substituting real noodles with this?
I have a carbohydrate consuming, weight losing wish

I am singing the butternut squash noodle blues
P.S. I hate Kale too!


I like spaghetti squash. But I have to be in the mood for it because it’s different from regular pasta. If you’re expecting the texture and flavor, then it’s good. If you’re expecting traditional pasta, it’s not nearly as good.


I’ve tasted brown noodles and it was weird so don’t bad.

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Honestly, yes. The same people who think that swapping out potatoes for wickedly expensive yet tasteless cauliflower is a good idea. Society needs to shun these wretches.

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