The bus system is awesome here!

You can get anywhere, the busses are very advanced in technology, all the drivers are trained to assist the handicapped in getting strapped in, in and off the bus. It has everything a bus service could ever imagine. It’s great. How’s your public transportation in your area?


i grew up with BART, the SF Bay Area’s train system. I used it all the time, but where I live now doesn’t really have a lot of public transportation besides the buses, which are crappy.

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Ahaha! Good ole BART. Did you know BART began service over 40 years ago, and the original cars are still in use today? They’re planning on starting to roll out the first new train cars starting Fall 2016.


Its okay bcoz its a suburban area, the buses into the city sometimes change their route and don’t go to all the stops. They dropped me off several miles from home and I had to walk!

Where I live is the worst place to not drive a car. No busses or things like that, no side walks to walk on, no bike lanes…it just crowded with cars.

You COULD call a cab if you want but you’ll regret it. I got stranded at a hospital once and I paid 60 dollars to get me home and wasn’t that far from home. Crazy ■■■■

The public transport system is really good here. We have the choice of buses, trams, and trains.

I catch the tram to work, it’s the closest transport system to home and work (although I get off the tram two km’s before work and walk). The tram is two blocks from home. It takes me about 15-20 minutes to get to my stop to walk to work and about 40-45 minutes to get home from work.

The train is the next closest and it would take me about 10-15 minutes to walk to the train station but it drops me right in the middles of the city so I can’t get off and walk for further to get in a bit of pre-work exercise.

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