The Brutal Treatment of the Mentally Ill in Rikers Island

Interesting, though depressing, article about the treatment of the mentally ill in Rikers.

Must watch later,thanks for the change of pace, Its scary to think there are others out there that don’t even have the mental capacity to do the things and write the things we do on this forum. Sometimes i feel blessed.

Gosh, that’s brutal. There must be something we can do with the mentally ill that break the law that is more humane.

My state has a mental health court which diverts seriously mentally ill offenders into treatment rather than prison. I don’t know what exactly makes one eligible for this as I’ve been to court here for assaulting my dad because he told me that I was not out in Iowa flying f-18’s on my 14th birthday…and I just got an odd look from the judge :smile:

Perhaps it’s for more serious offenses probably?

Rikers sounds awful though…heard about that guy who died from the heat in his cell there…

Yet another reason to destroy this entire place.