The Brighter side of long term mental illness

I have a lot of free time to watch tv and focus on myself, I can stay up for weeks and use the internet without any issues. There are perks of not having a job or any lasting relationships or owning anything over 2 thousand dollars. I don’t have to worry about forgetting friends birthdays anymore. If i’m alone only my thoughts/feelings can bother me and we always make up after a fight.

You are totally right and it’s natural to be angry and feel powerless, there is also a need for those things, I was so angry and hurt for so long, that I had to try something new, like showing my body which is trying to keep me alive, some love and compassion.


For me at 60, it’s more + more like the lonliness of the long distance runner. But I continue the race.

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I was just thinking of that metaphor. It is a lot like long distance running it just never stops regardless of what you do. There is no rest.

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