The Boys Who Grew Breasts: Portraits of the Effects of Risperdal

I think this is from taking Risperdal when these guys were very young - between the ages of 8 and 13.

Johnson & Johnson has been fined over $3 billion for marketing the antipsychotic drug Risperdal to children. Over 18,000 boys and young men are now suing the company over a side effect of the drug called gynecomastia, which causes adolescent boys to develop female breasts. Photographer Richard Johnson recently completed a photo project to tell the boys’ stories: it’s titled Risperdal Boys.

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Boys, look at your side effects. Read the literature which comes with the prescription. Don’t just blindly take drugs then blame the doctor when something goes wrong. If not the kids then the parents. Prolactin elevation is a side effect of risperidone.

It’s so sad to know that Risperidone has so many unwanted side effects.
I have been on it for years and decided to live with some pretty nasty side effects because Risperidone actually works for me and keeps my intense Psychosis down to a minimum.
Risperidone is a powerful Atypical Antipsychotic that closely resembles the old school Typicals.
Unfortunately or Forunately, it’s the only AP that works for me.
Parents should read the literature that’s out there.

800 million in sales in 2016…that’s a lot.

Here’s the solution!


That what I do @everhopeful, I take risperidone injections every 2 weeks and add a small dose of Abilify once a week. I feel so normal.