The books on depression and caregiver burnout are not realistic!

Maybe it’s me. My husband is not getting up today, it is time for the once a year lay in bed a week or two and maybe a couple ambulance trips back and forth to the hospital for his back time. My youngest son can’t help he is sick as he has asthma and when he gets a bad cold it is not good and he is home sick. I don’t mind but the advice about make time for fun and reward yourself are unrealisitc, I can’t make time and I don’t have any extra money and the masters degree I got is some what of a rip off now I have to pay for it. No one understands fully they thought a few months ago when I placed my daughter who is autistic and blind that I’d be able to try working, well not really. And even when my husband is not bed ridden he can’t do much around the house to help me so far as that goes either. And it is a big house. And i am tired. desimb

You’ve had a lot to deal with for a long time. I’ve always respected your strength and ability to persevere. I don’t think I have your strength. I hope you can get some relief. You deserve it.

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