The blue angles are in town

We have a city wide summer fest called “Sea Fair” it’s been going on for 65 years I guess.

There are cultural events like the sea fair pow wow… kid events like pirate landings, milk carton races and parades… sport events like the sea fair marathon and "meet the Seahawks/ Mariners/ Sounders/ Storm… (football team, baseball team, soccer team and Woman’s basket ball)

It goes on most all summer long. Certain neighborhoods have a “sea fair block party” The big wrap up is the huge torch light night parade and then the hydroplane races and Blue Angles Air show.

They Angles usually roar into Boeing field a few days early to practice and do some test flights. They’re here.

Over down town

Over the I-90 bridge

I always forget how loud they are. This city will actually shut down the bridges and main highway because people will watch the angles and not pay attention to their driving. So to avoid accidents on the I-90 it gets shut down during Blue Angle practice time.

I was wondering… what city festivals or events you guys get to enjoy/ live through?


Well… Cape Town is known for its “Tweede Nuwejaar” (Second New Year) festival on the 2 January each year. Lots of locals of coloured and Malay descent (coloured is mixed African/European/indigenous) dress up in fancy colourful costumes with umbrellas and face paint, and have banjos and other instruments and parade down Cape Town’s city streets. They are the descendants of the slaves that were brought here in the 17th and 18th century, and this minstrel festival is part of their heritage. The festival is over a hundred years old. Capetonians call it the “Coon Carnival” I’ve never been to watch them, but they are always on the news. Its a uniquely Cape Town thing.


Here in Kentucky, we have the derby on the first Sat. in May. Derby week is kicked off the week before with fireworks called Thunder over Louisville. Then there is some event every day up until Derby Day.
In the fall, there are so many festivals-mainly the Wool Festival [ for all the knitters out there–it`s heaven! ]
Right now, there are all kinds of fairs happening. Small town carnivals-with rides, games, bad-for-you-food. Fun to go to at night. In August, is the Ky. State Fair.

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Yeah they’ve always come here now and then too. Saw them from our boat once, that was pretty cool. But really, I grew up near an AFB so it was just a few more fighter jets flying around to me…got to see those all the time.

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Thirteen years ago I attended a Lalapalooza festival north of Toronto. :maple_leaf:

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We have the Mountain Mandarin Festival in the fall. Also the Eggplant Festival is in the fall. There’s everything eggplant. Eggplant tacos are good.


there is a lamb and potato festival…it is a farming area…not as exciting as it sounds…zzzzzzzzzz.
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