The black sheep of the family

The black sheep - the one that willingly? takes the burden of being bad in the family so the others can be in assured that hey are good.


My coloring. When I was a kid my name was Panda bear. Never really fit in because of it.

I used to be the black sheep in the family but since I am doing so well as a schizophrenic they see that as accomplishment…that and they remind me I am a college graduate. My family makes me feel more loved than when I was an acid taking stoner in high school. I was rebelling against my dad at the time.

I am the black sheep of the family. I no longer mind. Black is one of my very favorite colors. It is mysterious, intuitive, psychic, dreamy, dark. It is the poetry of the night and the moon. If being the black sheep of the family means that I am me and no one else, then I am all for my being “IT”

It’s called a reference point.

Somebody to point at and say "we ain’t like him so we are good and he’s bad.