The black sheep of the family

what does that mean to you?

I guess to me… it means the one who stands out.

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i googled it to get other opinions, it can mean a lot of different things

It means…
Story of my life.

I guess it happens when you refuse to obey an intrinsic rule of the family: always act like everything is alright.

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In my family I thought it meant the “sinner” in the family.

To me it means the one who catches all the heat!

I think it merely means the odd one. The one who can’t conform to societal norms or archetypal roles like the rest.

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im a blue sheep :sunny:

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We have more than one Black Sheep in our family - I dont even think that I am one of them

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sheep are normally white so if one was black it would probably stand out bc it is different and sometimes when this happens the mother might not accept the calf

in theory

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There are others in my family who are far more nefarious then I can ever be.

I don’t think I’m the black sheep either… I’m just the one in the bat cave… living with my side kick.

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i was a clever sheep i bought blue hair dye… :wink:


Im the white sheep in a family of black sheep, so they think im the black sheep.

Ill be all like “hey, we should probably feed that five year old healthy food guys.” And they’ll just get pissed off at me.

It’s the one who doesn’t achieve, who misbehaves, and who generally is less respectable than the other members of the family.


My maternal family likes me because I am diligent and intelligent, that and they actually are good people and love their family.

I’m not that much of a black sheep, I’m just a little different. I don’t come across as mentally ill these days, in the past it was blatantly obvious. I think I’m the only one in my family to be pursuing a doctorate- the rest have bachelors or masters

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Makes me think of the nursery ryhme

Ba Ba Black sheep have you any more, yes sir yes sir three bags full

SZ’s trying to explain metaphors coming up with some rather weird explanations. I think it means the one in the family that is not like the rest, the unwanted, disliked, rejected one.

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For me I’m one of the only people that drinks regularly so I guess I’m kinda looked down on.

Such is life.

The one who is bad compared to his siblings.The one that people are ashamed of because he gets into trouble and brings trouble to the family so the result is they ostracize them. The bad kid. The troublemaker. The bad seed. The one the family doesn’t want around and would like to forget about. Unfortunately in the context of this forum, some of us could be called “black sheep” because of our disease. I would bet good money that this is the context you are asking this question in. I don’t think that people with schizophrenia are automatically the black sheep of the family for having schizophrenia. It depends on the family. I’m certainly never was the black sheep, even when I was doing drugs.

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I feel like the black sheep in my family. The reason is I couldn’t go to family functions like Christmas parties or wedding I was just to fearful of people at one time to do that. Now when I do go to a family function I always feel like I am unwanted there and the odd one there.