The bizarro universe

Where we are presently residing.

It’s the opposite of the spirit.

The bizarro world.


Somewhere safe. Lonely at times but relatively safe IMO. At least I hope

Yeah man I’m currently residing in a place where I’m not welcome and that fuels my paranoia But I soldier on… People like us? Sometimes that’s all we can do.

+1 on the soldier on.

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My feelings all day erryday.

I have cultivated my hysteria with pleasure and terror

The beauty is always bizzare

Charles Baudelaire

I will amuse myself with terror.

… nice you caught the ‘u’.

The Spirit is in the world but competing with another spirit that involves entropy. One day when time changes and the realization that time is a temporal thing not bound by Spirit and other dimensions, life will prevail over death, as death is entropy.

Its nice that you keep track

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Nothing prevails over entropy… extrapolation from physics. The universe will grow cold and dark and uninhabitable.

Only theorized by observable phenomenon which are presently in an entropic state. We have not observed outside this in mainstream science…though exploration of quantum realities and spirit have seen beyond this. There is no ‘end’ of everything. God exists. Right now you are just in a linear time point in an eternal wheel of time that is nothing like time is calculated at present.

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Sir our beliefs are so vastly different. We can’t even argue. :smile:

Thats the huge problem that i have with a religion.all monotheistic religions are based on a linear concept of time, wich is growing and developing through the history, to be ended in the holy climax on the top of the scale. That is, the return of a Jesus or Isa.

but there is no linear progres. Time is cyclical and repeats it self in the way we call as “eternity”

You sound like a hindi.

We the 3rd world people have never escaped from paganism.

I consider that a good thing. From what I’ve seen you also haven’t sold out to materialism.

There is no big mistery in that
we didnt have a chance

I guess you’re realists also. Aside from the subtle religiosity… but there’s no real escape from that.

I love how your arguments fall into assumptions when it comes to religious narratives

Like the assumption its not real?