The Bitter Cycle of Schizophrenia - The Santa Barbara Independent

Schizophrenia as viewed from a caregiver perspective.

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Addiction definitely worsens our situation. I feel blessed to be more or less free of addiction and to have a roof over my head.


Sz condition is unexampled tragedy in every sense of the description .

The writer who speaking by the name of the materialist science have not any theoretical idea that matches the reality of the tragedy which the person will suffer from with each pulse of thought,feeling , behavior or when he moving from the present time to the future moment that is far away from him a fraction of a second,a second or a few seconds !

He says" negative,positive and cognitive symptoms" while he does not know at all anything about the accurate details of their problems which touch all aspects of the person’s life ,and he thinks they are not important to be known to the science because the content of this tragedy is delusions or mythological stories !

Observing the person"s behaviors step by step in all possible daily life events ,analyzing them from any personal /scientific prospective,will not help to know exactly the nature,magnitude and severity taste of the inner suffering that the person is living with moment to moment ,or discovering the truth of what is happening in the basic nature of the person

All factors that are said to be the casual factors (genetic,psychological,environmental, cultural ,etc),whose combination leads to the developing of the sz ,
In the practical reality, they are the available therapeutic factors that can be used to mitigate the negative impact of the sz’s symptoms on the aspects of the person’s life,whether his behavior towards himself OR about the daily life events with which he coexists through out the bad circumstances of the society that he was born,raised and lived up to the current moment

They are a “treatment causes” not a disease causes -as everyone thinks !