The Bird Whisperer

I just made this this morning using my graphics tablet.Icall it the"Bird Whisperer."


What kind of graphics tablet do you use?

Wow, very lovely. NIce work.

SASHA, I have an Adesso cyber tablet.

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Surprised, thank you!

I have considered getting a tablet to start doing more digital art but currently I am only using traditional media.

How do you like that tablet? Does it have a wacom digitizer? Do you get good pen sensitivity and pressure?

hi Sasha, I like the Adesso very much. My daughter got a small(er) Waccum and the juncture between the electric cable and the unit was so loose the power cord will not stay in at all. This happened when the tablet was relatively new. Adesso is supposed to be second in line for quality. I got a big tablet --sometimes I wish I’d gotten a smaller size but it is good ; it gives me room to work and it doesn’t get as filled up by the buttons and bells and whistles that litter the screen Fortunately it is easy to just eliminate those and have a blank screen.

I am physically disabled so am unable to deal with traditional media any more. It’s also great not to worry about spilling paint or wawter on the floor or on your artwork. You can erase a zillion times and not wear a hole in the “paper.”…I know ART RAGE and the Adesso tablet have zillions of things they can do…I’m just scratching the surface.cleanup is a snap also :slight_smile: I highly recommend it.

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I will consider this when/if I go shopping for a tablet. I would really like to try one. Others have recommended the Microsoft Surface Pro 2 but I am not a huge Microsoft fan.

Anyways I appreciate the information. I will look into the Adesso

The pen pressure sensitivity is great also. And the nibs to the pens last forever unlike Waccum