The biggest insult?

I’m following it closely. If anyone else is interested I can post updates.

What a bunch of sh-t.

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Yeah, it’s all over CNN. Just when you think these people can’t get any more absurd and hateful, it turns out they can. It just goes to show you that money can’t buy decency, character, or intelligence. What a bunch of @$$hats! :angry:

And what the heck happened to the emojis? The angry emoji looks like it’s constipated.


That really grates on my intelligence when people use schizophrenia as a slur. It just shows how unenlightened and stupid people are. I often hear on the radio people who use it like it’s multiple personalities or out of context. Really is something that should be brought up with relevent media. It isn’t acceptable in this day and age! ( but I’m not getting into American politic at the moment! )


I saw a movie, “dark knight” where a criminal friend of joker was called paranoid schizophrenic. that’s insult to paranoids

Donald Trumps senior communications advisor Scaramucci called Trumps Chief of Staff a “paranoid schizophrenic” today in an interview with the New Yorker.

I dont like how being schizophrenic is used as an imsult.

as I wrote already in another post about the same thing, recently I saw a movie called dark knight where a criminal was called a paranoid schizophrenic. this is insult of course.

Ha, Washington’s definitely lost its mind, although I’m afraid in this case antipsychotics won’t help at all.

Preibus isn’t sz of course, but sometimes I wonder if some of the appointees and hangers on like Alex Jones might have delusional disorder. Probably no such excuse for their behavior.

I think Alex Jones is exactly what he said he was during the custody battle over his kids.

As he saod “a performance artist.” I dont think hes mentally ill or believes all the crazy stuff he says, I just think hes basically like a really bad WWE character.

Dangerous guy though.


here in Greece we know preibus cos he is of greek origin.

I just remember when I was in washington d.c. Everybody thought ill of schizophrenics. I had to hide what I was although that isn’t much different than now.

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When I heard about this I got pretty angry, because it’s offensive to us. I’m sure the guy doesn’t care about that, though.

It’s a strange world we live in. Politicians and other “elite” people act like they’re so great and then do things like this. Makes me wonder whom to trust. I remember a news woman thinking she was off air and saying “What the F*** are you doing!?!?!?” to somebody. You guys know how on air news people act so polite and what not. I’m sure most of them are fake, just like the politicians.

Breaking news on CNN. Scaramucci has resigned! He was WH Communications Director for only a week and a half. :joy:


That’s good news.

They should put a revolving door on the White House.


It’s such a circus! I wonder if his wife won’t divorce him now since she just didn’t want to move to D.C. and now she doesn’t have to… what a bunch of creeps…

Would Kafkaesque be too strong a word to describe the near-daily shambles that governs the White House? Mr. Putin is rising in esteem; seen to be a sound hand on the tiller!

Scaramucci should stick one thumb up his ass; one thumb in his mouth; and switch them every five minutes.


Scaramucci unwittingly gave us (people with paranoid schizophrenia) more press than I can remember. Our press is usually along the lines of a person with paranoid schizophrenia pushing a person in front of an ongoing train. This was different. This was a learning moment, but we didn’t capitalize on it.


More like the Three Stooges ". Kafkaesk would give it too much meaning. :joy::sob:

That’s an interesting thought, @kindness. I would love to see an organized “anti-stigma” group of people with sz. If there was such a group (maybe there’s one I don’t know about?) then responding to these types of situations would be easier…

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