The Bible is false, I realized today

I went to ride my bicycle as I usually do. I decided to take a nature tour and went to some rapids. I remember photos of me in this same area 47 years ago when I was a baby. While I sat on the bench in the forest a thought came to my mind. The Bible is false. I knew once one Jehovah’s Witness older man and he told me stories. Once he made comments how it is the proof of the God that some flowers existed. Once he told me that he can remember all names of all sons of Abraham. But today I realized that these flowers and grass have grown here where I am thousands of years and these have nothing to do with the names of all sons of Abraham. This made me to realize that all Bible stories are false and I have nothing to do with Judaism or Jesus.

Guys, religious posts are frowned upon here because they get people fighting and arguing.