The best way I can describe it is by referring to the movie Avatar(Ketamine)

Psychiatry Advisor: What were your experiences during your infusion?

Ms Palmer: I felt incredible during the infusion. The best way I can describe it is by referring to the movie Avatar, specifically the scene in which the protagonist is walking through a jungle at night for the first time and touching all the plants, which light up with pretty colors—very vivid, colorful, and not linear. There was the sensation of being on a sort of roller coaster, riding through different scenes.

At one point, it felt as though my chair was on a cloud. Then suddenly, the chair disappeared and I was floating on the cloud. It was a wonderful experience.

Man this must be some good stuff. I’d sign up for an Avatar experience more so than a Shrek experience, which I’m already experiencing.

lol yeah lets just do some lsd too :thinking::hugs:


K is something else. Ive done it recreationally and you feel great for like 2 weeks after. I can totally see how it could help with derpression/anxiety

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I felt I was in the control room of life. Like it was a machine. And I had all the buttons.

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