The Best Pills and the Best Diets Are What Work For You

I take 12 mg of Invega along with a little loxapine as AP’s. That’s what works best for me. When I was in the Psych Ward they gave me as little as 3 mg and the voices were having me for lunch. A study said that haldol works just as well as atypicals. I have taken haldol and that was not the case with me. I eat a diet full of meat including beef, nuts, and eggs which some diet experts would say is terribly unhealthy. But my weight is much better than it was when I was eating whole grains and fruit and my cravings for carbs were off the charts. Maybe I’ll die of a heart attack, or cancer some day but at least they’ll be able to lift my casket. I take tranxene which helps with my anxiety. I heard benzos have bad effects but I’m sleeping normally and getting through the day much more calmly. My life choices are not what some fitness guru or health ad recommends. They are what works for me.