The best movie you have seen in the last few weeks

So what is it. Cheers

I’m a big fan of comedy movies. One I recently had the chance to watch again was “Idiocracy”. It was made before smart phone were common place so things turned out a little different luckily. I guess now we all just google things. :smile: It came out 2006. I still find it funny. Good comedic performances by the actors.

I seen dumb and dumber to,one of the actor is Jim carrey,it’s shitting funny lol

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Haha upon reading your post I remembered the opening scene and had a good lol.

I also really enjoyed the first “Hot Tub Time Machine” a lot. Two parts that always crack me up are the russian scene and the music show one.

I normally don’t watch movies, they’re too long to hold my attention. But I was staying at my parents house last week and my step-dad was watching TV but then he wandered off to another room to get on his computer. He left the TV on and I wandered by and it caught my attention because it was a movie with Bruce Willis when he still had hair. I watched a little of it while I fixed myself a sandwich. It seemed a little boring but when I glanced up I saw a very cute, well built, women wearing nothing but an apron. I sat down to watch and about 5 minutes later they showed her taking a bath with full frontal nudity. And she was fine. I love surprises like that.


Amazing that he has never gone for a hair replacement. Was it moonlighting or something like that , that he had some hair , ( not a full head of hair ) but he looked OK. Saw him in moon rise kingdom , again had a bit of hair and it made him look a bit better than totally bald. He still looks OK now , I think though a bit of hair suits him better.

Dumb and dumber brings back good memories , I watched it with an old friend , when we were on a bus to college , and we just laughed , embarrassingly so , we were so loud , all the way through that movie. I haven’t seen him for about 9 years. He joined the police eventually and I went an other direction. Good times.

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Idiocracy , never seen it must give it a whirl

I hope you enjoy it! Expect silliness. I get a slight monty python-influenced american comedy movie vibe from it.

The social network. It’s an inspiring movie

Yeah, Moonlighting was his big break. Cybill Sheppard co-starred. If you remember that show, the receptionist was named Beasley. The husband of the actress who played Beasley played one of the mental patients in “One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest”.