The best movie ever made about schizophrenia?

I watched your film. If you were ever hospitalised did you think it was accurate about the onset of your illness?

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In my case it was different because I was hospitalised due to severe depression. Also the issue of age, I was already middle-aged when sz onset occurred whereas the protagonist is a young woman very much under her parents influence. What about you?

Never seen it, I know I should.

The best movie ever made about schizophrenia hasn’t been made yet.

It’s still in my head. One day I’ll pen the Screenplay…but nobody will believe it.

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I will!..

I liked “The Soloist” because it showed an accurate depiction of schizophrenia. I must admit though that I unfortunately didn’t watch all of “A Beautiful Mind” so I can’t completely compare the films. Another good film (although it was not about schizophrenia) was “As Good As It Gets”.

I was in my mid 20s male starting a new job and the stress of it sent me over the edge but I had it coming. I had ect like Katie in the film. I like how they ended it; the medics stating diagnoses and treatments.

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