The best day of your life

I’m curious to know. If you can single out the best day of your life, what happened and why is it so special to you?

The day my daughters were born was special. I’d have to say my favorite day is the day my daughter Aubrey was born. She’s a special kid for sure. I also know for sure she is mine. I’m not 100% certain my older daughter is mine. I love them both to the absolute death. My older daughter Savannah was born weighing only three pounds. That was too sad of a day to call it the best.


The best day of my life was the day my son was born. He was 21 inches long and weighed 7 lbs. 13 oz.'s. He was the joy of my life from that day forward.


one of the best most memorable days of my life was riding my sacred neigh in the summer rain.

The sun was shining yet it was raining and my then boyfriend was waiting by the car.

We my neigh and i cantered up the hill in the warm rain and i was so happy to feel the rain and to have my boyfriend as my boyfriend and to feel my sacred neigh preciousness.

later some favourite moments were living with my x in the country and being with him and the girls and splashing around naked in the plastic pool.
a tiny cheap pool worth a couple hundred bucks but i had some of my happiest moments in that pool at home naked in the country with trees and nature and garden and dogs.

that was most

then i also had precious moments with anders my friend and with my former stepmum havig telepathy with her.

i did have some ecstatic moments having sex.

but love is more important than sex.
the innocent pure love that is beyond all ecstatic sex even.


to feel my loved ones spirit(energy) inside me is happy days.

just to feel their smile within me and laughter and being.

to be so close to someone and love someone so much that you be feeling eachother and want to feel each other.

but i dont want to feel everyone.

only a precious few.
only my closest.
a spiritual body guard (spirit guard) to keep the rest a distance.


It’s not a romantic story but when I finally lost my virginity at age 20 it was quite a night.

When I was 19, before schizophrenia, me and a friend just had this wild night with borrowing a friends car and driving to San Francisco, crashing a yaght party under the Golden Gate Bridge, having the brakes go completely out so we couldn’t stop the car and almost crashing into a herd of deer, stealing some break fluid from some gas station. Just a bunch of crazy stuff happened culminated by my friend driving us sixty miles home in the car on 101 with no brakes.

A really good day, believe it or not, was simply when I was 17 and my first car had conked out and wouldn’t start. It sat out in
front of our apartment for a long month. I would go out once a week in the hope it would start but smoke just came out. One day I went out and noticed the smoke was coming from some electrical wiring where two bare wires were touching. I just got some electrical tape and taped each wire and when I tried starting the car out fired right up! I was ecstatic. That was a great day. I went from having a useless piece of junk to having wheels again.


Lol that reminds me of a time when me and my army buddy drove my car with no brakes. We relied on the emergency brake. Good times!


Probably my wedding of my first marriage…soon to be replaced with the memory of a wedding reception in september…,.but it really was one of the happiest days of my life…


One of the best days was uni graduation day back in 2007. I was sick and tired with cramming for exams and working on so many projects. Little did I know what lied ahead would be every bit as tedious and nerve wrecking - a full time IT job.

Romantically wise, I remember my first kiss with a girl I liked. It wasn’t the first kiss of my life but was the best one up until that point. She had been avoiding physical contact with me for a few days, to build up tension. And it worked. It was an electrifying kiss.


The births of my children and grandchildren are all tied in first place.


2day is my best day.


My second best day is when me and my friend from university were chilling at hers, and we made this amazing cheesy meal. And watching TV
Her dad was like, how can you guys eat so much, laughing.

Good times

Another time was when we got drunk. I can’t pinpoint one day. There are like 2 or 3.


Dancing with my friend for 7 hours straight my senior year of high school.


My marriage day.


The day my daughter was born, and the day I married my husband.


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