The best day of your life 🍍

The day my son was born. Suddenly I had a reason to live, and a new-found strength that I didn’t know I had. What a gift!

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I don’t know what was best day of my life but 2004 was a great year for me. Had sz already but was going to this great support group and met a lovely hippie guy who became my boyfriend for the year. I was 20.

The following year I ended it and became religious and went into remission. Was religious for six years convent hopping after that then relapsed.

I would say before I became religious was better time for me in hindsight even tho i was in remission.

Sometimes I regret leaving my boyfriend for religion. Although the only good thing that came out of that was i became Muslim in 2011.

Last year I found out my boyfriend died in 2010. Could have been with him then till then but maybe it was for the best bcuz I was spared the grief of losing him

Now is also the best time of my life - I rediscovered the hippie side of me whilst still (moderately) Muslim, and want to paint and write and be myself again like I was before my convent phase. :slight_smile:


Well, finally losing my virginity at age 20 was one of the best reliefs of my young life. Not a bad night.

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When I overcame the chosen one delusion was the best day of my life I think. September 1st, 2017

I had considered my wedding day to be the best day of my life, but we split 9 years ago, so I know I should no longer count it as such. I think I’m still in love with her, though.

Anyway, the best years of my life were 2005-2007. I had achieved pretty much total remission of symptoms, had friends and a girlfriend, later fiancée (we married in 2008, one of the overall worst years of my life). I was so happy, but genuinely happy, not mania/hypomania. A healthy happy. I was a grad student, everything was going right in life, other than my mom’s death in 2006. That all came crashing down in 2008, but I enjoyed it for three years, haven’t been that happy since.

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Wanted to apologize for my rant about tupac earlier @freakonaleash

I “respectfully” disagree with you. Sorry for saying shame on you.

This is a song that shows tupacs brilliance and his struggle very well

I hope you listen and enjoy :slight_smile: Peace

Don’t worry about it; I suppose I got a little too into our spirited debate.

I’m listening, and I vaguely remember this song. Believe it or not, I was really into rap throughout the 90s, and Tupac was one of my favorites, had all of his albums on cassettes. I was pretty upset when he got killed. I just don’t view things quite the same now, and my tastes in music did a 180 around 1999-2000, shifted to metal and punk, but mostly metal.

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I’m more into classic rock myself but tupac will always be my favorite I think! No one touches him as far as rap goes IMO

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Some of the best times of my life have been at festivals with lots of hippies and other mixed crowds, specifically burning man, and the rainbow gathering. Burning man is a massive amazing art festival in the black rock desert of northwest nevada, lots of random, huge scale art of which a lot if it is interactive you can play with or on it, make music or light patterns with it, climb on it depending on the art piece of coarse, some of it burns down like the man and the temple. The temple is an amazing structure, a very emotional place where people write memorials for lost loved ones, messages of hope, inspiration, or struggles they have been through. And when you walk through, reading the messages, you can literally feel the emotion in the air, and thats not just how it feels being crazy, even non insane people feel the emotion at the temple, it has a tendancy to make people cry, then feel at peace, then at the end of the festival they burn that temple down, like releasing all those emotions scrawled into the temple out into the universe in the form of fire and smoke, it really is impossible to describe. And the rainbow gathering is a hippie gathering in a different national forest since 1972. More of a community/family gathering feel than a festival feel, but still an amazing event. I dont even feel insane or out of place at these events, i feel normal, and ive had schizophrenia my entire life so finding 2 events that make me feel normal is something truely special to me


Funny story…was living in a treatment center and we went for a hike…me and my buddy got lost and we ended up hiking 25 miles that day…we ended up at the rainbow gathering. There’s funnier parts of the story but I don’t feel like telling them right now. It was up in Vermont. I know what youre talking about with the rainbow gathering lol. We used to have the Gathering of the Vibes here in Bridgeport, CT

That is pretty funny, what a great time and place to end up getting lost eh?

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Lol the people were very kind indeed!!! I ended up asking a police officer to help me get back to the ranch I was staying at. I wish I could have stayed but it was a very bad time in my life mentally wise for me so for the better I left

Well the good part is you managed to get yourself where you needed to go as opposed to being lost in the woods. And if you were in a bad place mentally then going was a good choice as there tends to be a massive amount of hallucinogens floating around the rainbow gatherings

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yup after all it was magic shrooms that got me in that mess at the time!!

The day my daughter was born. :rainbow::heart:️:rainbow:


yo what about biggie? tupac was good but biggie was as good as him I think…

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I go by hippie jesus at the festivals, perhaps i should add a photo to my profile

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oh man I love biggie don’t get me wrong. I know youre from Brooklyn so you must love him even more!!

Well pac was originally from Brooklyn. Pac changed my life man since I was young. Biggie was a great lyricist but pacs message really reached me.

I think Brooklyn has the best rap from jay-z to talib kweli and mos def to the Flatbush zombies…its all good stuff

After my first trip to the mental hospital i discovered a strange rap/rock/mixed genra band that has helped me get through a lot of hard times, these guys have schizophrenia too, and most of their songs are about being mentally ill and addicted to drugs. The group is called Rehab… a line from one of their songs “all of this shall pass away, would someone tell me im okay, i lock the door and i draw the shades and pray to keep the voices at bay, well maybe thats the answer to all the questions that i have, and it consumes me like a cancer how in the hell did i choose this path, show me my purpose, maybe i deserve this, im tired of being nervous”

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The best time of my life is probably right now. For once, no pressure or responsibilities. To be honest once I started recovering mentally and could feel joy again life was never so bad I couldn’t live with myself anymore.