The Beautiful Sound of the Rain

One thing that having voices took away were an unobstructed sounds of nature and hearing the things around me. Right now the voices have taken a break and I am enjoying the sound of the rain. I know they’ll be back but it is nice for now.


Sounds of nature are supposed to be relaxing by default and help soothe stress and let people fall asleep faster. Don’t know why but it seems to just be true.

haha yeah nature is always laughing at us stupid humans lol.

Unlike mankind, the nature is perfect, even the well known biological chain is amazing.

Don’t you think mankind is also nature?

Yes, but we grow old and die anyway. We are different from animals because we have conscience, morals, emotion, linguistics ability, and the eagerness for eternity.

It’s been proven that certain animals have all of that too…

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Which animals?? :question:

Monkeys, dolphins, there are proofs of societal behaviors in ants for example

Monkeys and dolphins act upon instinct. They don’t learn Bible, do they?

Well that’s a conversation killer


Sorry, I was too quick to question that.

You should try to learn more about animals, it’s fascinating

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And fauna too…

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I use this app called sleep pillow and it has all these nature sounds

I hate when people just automatically judge other animals as being unable to do things we can mentally and they also don’t stop to think there are probably concepts to animals we aren’t even aware of like how they might not fully understand things on TV they see and such.

I personally think animals should have equal treatment rights like we have, though I’m not saying they should be expected to vote in elections or whatever because it can’t be explained to them what it even means and like a cat probably wouldn’t give a ■■■■ about something like that anyway.

Dogs and cats sniff things they don’t understand and once they catalog the smell they feel comfortable with it much like where we feel more comfortable understanding how something works. That concept makes little to no sense to me because I’m of a different species but it obviously is valid and works for them great.

It’s this xenophobic and arrogant attitude towards animals a lot of humans have that is going to totally screw up first contact if aliens are ever dumb enough to try to do it with us.

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