The Beatles make me happy



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The Beatles don’t make me happy, but when the song ‘Here Comes the Sun’ starts playing in my mind + I sing some of it, I know I’m beginning to feel happy.


Yayyyy, the Beatles!! I just got the Beatles “white album” and “sgt. peppers” yayyy for the Beatles.


Blackbird baby!

I find it to be a song about myself.

I sit in the night simply waiting to be free. How is that not about me?

Maybe it’s about all of us though.


It’s actually about racism in America at the time. “Bird” being a British slang term for girls and “black” of course meaning African-Americans. Put them together and you have “Blackbird, you were only waiting for this moment to be free”.


Yes, I heard of this. Most people do not know the true meaning behind the song.
You are a true Beatles fan Nick, you know a lot about them