The beast is at it again

I have come down with a high fever of 102.2
My whole body aches all over, like I’ve been punched. My headaches are back too. What is wrong with me? I hate this. I keep getting sick.

I’m sorry @Cici2.
Go to a doctor and hopefully they will get to the bottom of this.

Take care of yourself!


This is kind of a stretch, but maybe ask for the Hydroxychloroquine / Zinc / Azithromycin combo.

Good health to you!

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Sorry your feeling sick again. Could be just your body getting hit again whilst it hasn’t fully recovered. I agree to get to a doctor asap. Hope you sort it out.

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My husband did scrub into a case where the patient was positive for covid19.

You’ve just been through a stressful time so your body may be a little low. It can happen that you get something else. Hang in there and do the right things. I’m sorry your suffering.

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Thank you. I’m hoping to rest a full night.

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