The battle with food

And the cow is down, taking a shot to the ribs, and another in the filet mignon! Out for the count!

One has to wonder if you can win a battle with food.

Because you’d be hitting the food basically.


if i wasn’t a dude, that pic would probably make me hungry right now.

I am not a dude and that picture makes me a little nauseous.

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oh. sorry rhubot.

what i meant to say was that "if i weren’t a dude and weren’t rhubot, then that pic would probably make me hungry right now."
but honestly, I really don’t know about living beings other than myself, so I speak with only assumptions.

in fact, i’m quite hungry right now anyways because i haven’t eaten anything in a while.

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Nothing funni about Dead Innocent Creatures … ,

Here’s a better Picture … ,

Please ,

Try Again .

I know right, i am imagining his ■■■■■ as well.

Funny how this man isn’t speaking of certain unsub armies of dead innocent creatures eh?

God’s children taking on an entirely new meaning now.

They know this man.

Oh those tasty balls of wheat.