The basstard faeries

Funny songs, just makes you warm inside, good to sit around a camp fire and have a sing along with the basstard faeries sometimes.

When i saw this particular basstard of a faery he was a little fat actually, and had a very akward walk as if he was on stilts, because of the hooves.

You would just never say to yourself “wow, that guys cool, i wanna worship that guy.” He was fat and walked wierd!

that video is really weird lol

don’t knock it , i have a penthouse suite down there, it has amazing views of the styx river and death ferrying over the next bunch of sinners…
me and the devil are like brothers, sharing a gin and tonic on the shores of oblivion, of course with a fine cheese platter…
take care

I think you mean “here” don’t you?

Whatcha mean “there”?

I plan to sleep through it.

Now thats a good plan.

That is one of the most retarded videos I have ever seen. But for some reason I watched it 3 times. It is more like I can’t believe a video like that is real.


Thats why i wanted to share it.

geesh, I think she’s right in a lot of places, like people who think their way is the best way, or people who say they know God but don’t live like it.

Funny vid.

I don wanna go 2 hell :frowning:

I looked at some of their other vids…LOL! this one…she says “I should be committed, but i remain at large…”

Epic lyric right there, “war is really bad, and love is really good.”


She contradicts herself about love in this song though…but for some reason I really like this song