The Banana Split of Religions with a Cherry on Top

Cloud-streaked sky with bright moon at top tonight, like a cherry on the ice cream cone of the world; that’s why he cares, he’s the cherry on the banana split…

Cause there’s only ONE cherry on top of the two halves in the Banana Split, Zoroastrian split of good-and-evil run all the way down the banana, and the three mono-flavor scoops on that split banana all say there’s only room for one flavor in this boat - the jewish scoop - vanilla - came first and is the basis for all three, after all, (and has the most cholesterol, cause any flavoring added just gets in the way of the fat that ice cream was really meant to be), the swarthy flavor’s the muslim variety, and the strawberry goes to the Christians, it’s like the vanilla but has the blood of Christ all through it now, changed everything, a whole separate flavor now that some people who just like vanilla say they are allergic to.

The Buddhist chocolate syrup ices the overall Dharma surface indiscriminately, covering it all with an equanimity and irrationality, as if the whole dessert is the body of a Buddha worth being sacredly attached to;

Mysterious strawberries abound, Hindu gods and goddesses, some split some whole, attached to eachother in a gooey sauce of concupiescence, too distracted by gametalism to see much of anything but other

But on the top, the single cherry moon sits quiet in the Dao, with yin and yang stillness, in love with the dessert he tops and practicing non-action that moves periodic mountains and plangent seas, with a work ethic of 3 or 4 days off a month;

Hey those days we don’t have a cherry on top of our Sundae there’s always the distant cherries back in the orchard that still volunteer and help out their peer, tending to his flock if anyone needs anything while he’s out making his house call rounds.

Yeah those few days the Banana Split goes without that unifying universe cherry on top - the “new moon” nights - it’s really every half a banana for himself, (and of course these are length-wise cut bananas, and how far is a side of a banana gonna get on it’s own against another side of a banana?), it’s an experiment in half-banana/half-banana warfare, a lights-out, every-yin-or-yang-for-himself moment, and then it’s so nice to see her come back, with a beauty you never could possibly have expected as she lends her unborn unevolved unsplit unity to a sundered below, holding high our broken bowl in her tractor beam; makes it easy for me to ignore the split in the underlying banana infrastructure if I can spend my time with the central shining cherry, which seems to be turning bright colors, green - blue - yellow - black - gold - white - and back to red, in between the moments, (phosphenes in my head going wild with moon magic causing the imagery to glow with heat as that cherry flashes the colors, blood flow in my head suddenly pounding, I can tell cause I got earplugs in it’s like biofeedback listen to your heartbeat), yeah the cherry on top spins and changes colors in a spinning psychedlic presentation while it’s metaphorical counterpart the moon sits white and silent above me.

When she shows back up for work in her near-heaven grotto, she doesn’t just pop back in like a gopher out of it’s hole, though I’m sure she’s got the enthusiasm of a morning mountain gopher; we probably couldn’t handle that kind of a shock of moon magic, we’d have earthquakes and tsunamis happening twice a month from the excitement of the bounce;

so she just peeks in a little at first, her first plasma glitter blinding enough; and then there’s that special first few days when she’s less than one quarter full, and holds the cup of darkness for the Daoist immortals to elixirate their immortality sticks in, before she finally fills out to her former full efulgence a week or so later and starts singing her moon song to all of creation again, calling up the tides and our hearts alike, banana split unified and thrilled for it…

Me, I’m just a nut that got dropped on here by a stork - hail o pelargic king! - after this whole crazy mish mash was already built, and I happened to land on the strawberry scoop, right on the top cause i was an altar boy in a catholic school for a while, but i learned to look up at the cherry on top and I like that part of this boat the best, the cherry’s my hero on the boat, even though I’m just a nut on the boat’s edge - I fell off the Christian scoop when it melted, ablating in the heat, light, and truth of the sun, the sun a candle on the altar that the banana split is floating on (of course this banana split is on an altar, a banana split of religion is a very holy and serious thing).

And like I said, I’m just one nut on this religious ship of fools, and I have no particular affinity for this dessert really at all, but if I had to pick, I like the cherry.


(ex Novel instructor and so therefore professinal analogy maker - they forced us to do things like this for every course - so now with no computer students to teach, well, I talk about the sun and the moon…)

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  • and then as i look up at that moon, its still way up there at the top, huge white circle the size of half the sky around it, super-halo, i guess it’s the Bay fog that cherry lantern is melting away and burning through, as I look up there at that white full moon overhead from my position deep within the banana split - my yard - I’m pretty sure somehow that in the dark, on the back side of that moon at the top of my sky, right on top of that cherry moon, in the center, in the dark but glowing like Rudholf’s Christmas red nose, A REAL CHERRY! - that’s the moon’s mentor, the moon’s yin yang cherry to contemplate, a secret glowing carbuncle at the center of the darkside; bet if you point a satellite right now and wait till I light my incense and altar again, you’ll see Rudholf’s red nose up there glowing!