The backstory behind the job

As most of you know by now, I’ve got a job in Greece.
I figured I’d share some backstory!

So, here in Denmark, we have a website called jobnet, where people who don’t have jobs can look for some. In fact, if you’re jobless, you HAVE to apply for x amount of jobs from there a week.

So my friend was browsing through jobnet and set it to “foreign jobs” just for fun, and when the Greece jobs popped up, he applied.
He got a call by a Danish speaking recruiter, and after talking to him for a while, he gave him my info (with my consent), and I spoke with him over skype as well. The guy was very excited when he found out I speak both Danish and Norwegian.

I got a call from a Greek recruiter for the same company, who sent me some tests and asked basic questions to gauge my level of expertise and see what kind of person I am.
He called me a couple of times, and we agreed I’d try for a job in their Norton Antivirus scandinavian department.

Then yesterday, the head of hiring from that department called me and we did an interview. Afterwards, he said he’d gotten more than he’d asked for (in a good way), and that I sounded just like the person he could use in his team. Especially since I could assist in both the Danish and Norwegian departments if necessary.
So he said he’d pass my info on to his boss.

Two hours later, the Greek recruiter I’d spoken to a couple of times called, and told me the job was mine!

So I start on February 10th, and they will cover the flight down and a hotel for the first two weeks until I find a place, which they will also assist me with. (along with all the paperwork I’ll need to do)

So that’s it.

It’s the first job I’ve gotten based on my skills, because they wanted ME, not just because they needed a temp and I was the only one, like my previous jobs.
I’m so proud of myself right now.
I know it’ll be a big change, and it’ll be hard, but I’m sure it’ll pay off, and if all fails, I’ll just go back to Denmark.


That’s awesome! It sounds like you’ll also have a friend there for some support, or am I misunderstanding?

At any rate most great things that happen to us in life require risk, and this could be amazing for you. Like I said in the other thread, look into different forms of support before you go so you’ll be somewhat prepared.

Also do what you can to manage stress, as moving and starting a new job are both stressful on their own, and put together it can be taxing. I’m not saying that to scare you, I just want you to be aware of that.


congrats :smiley:

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So cool and very exciting. Well done @Pikasaur . Hope it all goes well and worse places to be stationed. I’d imagine the weather will be a big change for sure.

You should be very proud to have gotten through that process so be confident in your abilities. They’ve seen your skills and that is so cool. Well done.

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Well I just think it’s fantastic. You’re going to have a wonderful time.

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