The baby of the family

I’m the youngest of four children. I was very close to my brother, we had a lot of laughs. My sister and brother didn’t speak, but I spent a lot of time with her. My eldest sister left home when I was seven. I’m grateful for those associations and experience. I think I might have loved my brother more than my mom. My dad was five hundred miles away but I’d vacation with him twice a year.

I learned to take responsibility for my decisions and not play the blame game. It helped my wrath dissipate. I can remember the exact moment I made life altering decisions. I’m a theistic existentialist.

I know how to cook because my mom taught me starting from a very young age. She never taught my brother and he can’t fry an egg! I also grew up doing chores from early on. In most matters I disobeyed my mom. I don’t know why I started to hate her when I entered puberty?

When I get together with family I’m ignored. I probably got the most attention as the baby of the family.

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