The author of the pen name Watson used to be an English teacher

Emma Watson must surely be a pen name or why else would she invoke magic as an excuse for witchcraft. I have wondered about familiars, cats and dogs, not realising that I was one, at least in English eyes. In Australia they refer to them as madiyani amongst some sects, spelt with an alpha not an alif, this might be getting a bit confusing, I’m going off on one but “ella” means “come” doesn’t it, never learned to read and right, just teaching in schools how to get on with the kids, now I’m thinking about cow pats and manure, but I think peanut butter sounds tasty to the masses, Elvis used to eat it with bananas and jelly, don’t know about bacon, that sounds a little piggish like a prunes, it might even be forbidden, never understood why, I know it’s dirty, but that can’t be the full reason, tastes of human flesh I’m told, yes magic, that’s what I’m after, a real dose of voudou, but in reality that is offensive to people’s beliefs, with the correct term being houdou in mississipi and saint louis, I’m guessing California, its’ the birth place of the civil war, nothing much has changed over the years, but now we’re getting into global expansion and the empire strikes back, a real game changer, good job I’ve got Harry on my side, I always knew he had a wand, does he use it, that is real magic, none of this chicken feet in blood and guts, how can you talk this way, I suggest you erode your beams of the house with superglue, selection is hard, you can put up adds, but the statistics are not in your favour, except with growth hormones that promote cancer, I seriously doubt it, it’s fantasy as you say, and a little bit of humiliation probably does something to knock the wasps nests into bee hives, which surely is a good thing, I’m not against it in principle, but it’s not fantasy, porn never is, unless it’s artistic and doesn’t feature real life prostitutes, even then it can be more pop art and advertising than fantasy, I’d like to make a movie, but first I need a wand, and a girl, perhaps Watson, the detective who helps Holmes, not the movie star whose down and out, I really feel for ya, can’t quite get my head around oil, virgin olive from Italy, it doesn’t make sense, grape seed, beer, what’s the deal, a wand for you, another cup for me, sounds fair. How’s my Chaucer;?; You’ve got to be joking! I thought Che taught everyone to read and write, is that what you’re doing, loving the cauldron and melting petals;?; Walter the Softie. Minnie the Minx.

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