The Asylum of Horrors

Okay Wave…you’re right. You went through it and I wasn’t there. Just glad you’re back and feeling better!


Thanks @Patrick - You are very kind

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I had an incident similar but learned it was due to neuropathy and acetylcholine deficiency, I’ll have a psychosis with waves of tingling, the first time I thought it was food poisoning, my left arm also will go numb , and left leg. I also needed a neurologist then to treat the myasthenia gravis that was the root cause of my health problems.

I agree those nuts working in the hospitals psych wards should find work elsewhere


wow! it’s horrible that someone would treat someone that way. we (many of us) go to psych hospitals to get better and to seek help. and someone just misabuses their license to torment people who are already mentally unstable.

i have to go to a psych hospital soon, because of commanding voices telling me to commit suicide.
i certainly dont hope that i will experience the same :open_mouth:

good luck at your new group home :smiley:

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Thanks @anders.16
Yes, I found out that this Hospital has a very bad reputation.

Not all Hospitals are the same, there are some good ones.
Best of luck to you with your treatment plans