The Asylum of Horrors

My story is a long one, some of you may even find it hard to believe - So God help me it’s true.

I was trying to find a way to leave the house away from my Psychopathic Narcisstic Father.
About 2 weeks ago I was in the kitchen with my father, I felt a bit thirsty, so I had a few sips of water from my cup.

About half an hour later I started to feel as if I were drugged, my legs were wobbly, and my arms felt strange.

All of a sudden My heart was racing, I felt very hyper so I started pacing back and forth in the house.

I felt drugged up, I never felt this kind of sensation before.

I quickly turned to my father and accused him of putting some kind of amphetamine drug into my water.

He smiled and said to me, so what if I did.
He told me to call up my psychiatrist so she can raise the dose of my meds - he said that I was getting manic.

At that point I decided to call the ambulance, my heart was pounding very hard.

I told the EMTs that I felt as if my water was spiked and I accused my father of doing it (big mistake)

When I was rushed over the emergency room I kept telling people the truth, I told the medical staff that my father spiked my drink with some kind of amphetamine, I asked them to please check for foreign drugs in my system.

After spending 10 hours in the ER they did find that my heart rate was very high.

The next thing I knew, they started putting on a hospital gown on me and told me that I was going to be transferred to another section of the hospital.

1 hour later I found myself in the psych section of the ER - they found out about my bipolar/SZA diagnosis
and probably thought I was delusional.

That night some woman visited me in the middle of the night, she asked me that I had to be admitted to the psych unit upstairs.
She asked me if I wanted to be admitted Voluntary or
Involuntary, I said neither because I was not being delusional.

The following day I was approached by some psychiatrist who said that I was being Commited Involuntarily against my will.

The next thing I knew, an ambulance unit came in, I was strapped into a EMT stretcher and shipped off to an Asylum for very low functioning Scizophrenics.

The last 2 weeks were a big nightmare, without getting into details, I barely escaped my sanity and life.

I was subjected to daily and nightly Abuse, I was denied my psych meds many times and the nurses their were tampering with the medications - adding stimulants to our cocktails.

The orderlies there were brutal, constantly laughing and abusing low functions schizophrenics sometimes sexually.

Nights were hard because the Asylum staff workers were trying to make you sleep deprived - they were constantly opening and shutting doors to your rooms and flickering on and off the lights to your rooms, flashing lights constantly into the rooms.

They were targeting me specifically because I told the Asylum psychiatrist that I was not psychotic and was sent here against my will.

I was verbally abused by the staff workers and the psychiatris there was constantly trying to make me paranoid, he did not like me at all and wanted me to stay in the asylum indefinitely.

I became so frightenened during medication time, I Dissasociated my self several times - a couple of times they had to send me to the ER because I
Was in a trance like state from Dissasociating to the point where I was catatonic.

I underwent CAT scans of my heart because my heart rate was high a few times during my stay there.

There was one Head Nurse there who wanted me to take another severely psychotic patients medication.
She wanted me to drink massive amounts of Thorazine and other various drugs because of fabricated high blood pressure that I supposedly had at the time.

This Assylum was run by deranged abusive and mean spirited psychopaths.

My psychiatrist there was a very cruel doctor who liked to play in mind games.

Yesterday they injected me with massive amounts of Ativan and another drug I never heard of to lower my blood pressure - they then sent me to the ER.

My brother insisted that they release me, the acting psychiatrist there wanted to keep me there long term he said that I can become dangerous ( yeah right)

Yesterday I was released from the Asylum thanks to my brother.
He also came to visit me a couple of times in the ER.

I am currently staying in my brothers house until I get transferred to this nice group home in my town.

I will only see my father in the precense of others - never alone.
He came to visit me in the ER but my brother was also there.

I am not going back to stay at my parents house.
I will miss seeing my dog but will have to give him away to a good home

Sadly the group home does not allow pets.

My experience in this Assylum was not all a waste I got to meet some really beautiful people.

I made some friends and got a a few of their telephone numbers.

I am ready to start a new life - now truly starting to know my true self.

It’s good to be back :slight_smile:


Uh man you should have written this sentence first - I got very worried as I was reading your post…but I see you got your piece of peace so to say now…
And I’m very glad you’re here with us.
You fought against all odds - cheers to standing up for yourself @Wave :green_heart:

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Jeebuz, Wave, what a scare! I’m so glad you got out of your parents house, I was so worried about you.

We’re glad you’re back!

Good luck finding a new place to stay, it will sure be better than the nightmare you were in.

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Did they test you for drugs in the water? They should have. Problem is they often just assume you are being delusional - this is a sad truth.


That is a really frightening story, Wave. I am glad you are out now and hopeful again. Hope this dreadful experience does not scar you. Wish you the best of luck in your new home.

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Thanks @anon9798425 You are the best :slight_smile:

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Thank you @Minnii for being so caring and supportive - you are always so kind

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Thank you @Sarad your kind words mean a lot to me

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:slight_smile: No problem, we were really worried here

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I am so sorry you had to go through with that. Thank god you wont be staying with your dad anymore

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Welcome back you were missed by many :slight_smile:

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Welcome back @Wave. We missed you on the forum. I’m glad to hear you’re staying with your brother and planning on moving to a group home.


So glad you are back and doing well. As a parent of a daughter who has Schiphrenia, I do all I can to keep her out of any hospital.

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so glad you are back and safe! phew! Hope you feel safe and secure and continue your peaceful life.

what on earth?!

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So happy to hear that you are safe and well. Looking forward to hearing about the new group home:)

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Thank you guys for all of your well wishes and support.
I need to see my psychiatrist this week and I don’t have a ride there and my brother can’t drive me - so now my brother is telling me that my father has to drive me.
I really don’t know what do- I have to see her, it’s mandatory- the Hospital ordered it.

Jeeez, what an ordeal, you named this thread aptly.

Group homes are not always that bad. I was in one from 1990-95. I survived and actually had a lot of fun. You just have to avoid the pitfalls which is drugs, alcohol, and getting misled and tempted by people who use the place to fool around and cause trouble. I lived with 16 other guys. I was a loner and not one of the gang. That suited me fine. They wanted to drink, steal, and fool around. Meanwhile I was working, going to school, going to 5 AA, CA, and NA meetings a week, going places with my one friend there, and doing fun stuff every weekend with my family and their friends.

Yep, yep, yep. Me too.


My god that sounds awful @Wave. I’m so glad you’re out of there. And away from your father.

I hope the group home works out quickly so you can settle in and start your new life sooner.

I’m so glad you’re back, I was so very worried about you.

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I think maybe you thought your Dad was out to get you, and then that transcended into ‘everyone at the Hospital is out to get me’.

I doubt all of these professionals were as sinister as you described.

I had a similar downslope of thinking during one of my more infamous episodes. But you seem much better now. You’re out and can breathe easier.

Good luck with your new housing arrangement! Keep us posted on how it works out for you! :sunny:

No the Hospital was really that sinister - I was not and am not delusional.
It’s all true sadly @Patrick

There are a lot of abusive Psych Hospitals unfortunately.