The astral world

          It's like the whole world has been programmed to keep a secret, the secret of telepathy. When you are in my shoes, you know that telepathy and the clairvoyant astral world is no mystery or secret, but alot of people don't know about it. I get a little more feedback from foriegners about telepathy. more often africans from africa know what I'm talking about when I talk about the spirit world, but most americans are afraid to talk about thier spiritual lives. Another problem with talking about the astral is that psychology has basically said that anyone who believes in the paranormal has a mental problem which breeds fear about it. Doctors have'nt proven there is anything wrong with your brain, but if they state that you have a serious mental illness you lose all of your american rights, your freedom, and your dignity to incarcerations and unnessessary forced drugging. They have'nt proven that drugs are needed, but that does'nt stop them or even slow them down from drugging anyone who comes into thier office. I just want to live my clairvoyant life in peace, free from forced drugs and mandatory appointments. It's unamerican what they are doing to people. 

You ever want to experience the “astral world” smoke dmt or eat mushrooms. Haha

I would experience a familiar thing when I was floridly psychotic. The feeling of it all was rather amazing, but I honestly felt as if I was dieing from the whole ordeal. The world seemed so vast and new, and all the things I took for granted seem to have a new meaning. But in the process I began forgetting everything in the real or physical world. I can’t even remember what brought me back to my senses honestly.

In this society, such a thing isn’t very practical or popular. Usually for good reason. But I’m sure tribes and older, more traditional societies would see it as a gift.

There’s no place for it in our society.

You just gotta find like minded people to talk with. If you wrestle with pigs you get dirty and the pig likes it. Somebody in the Bible said ‘don’t throw your pearls before swine.’ It’s important for self discovery to discuss things like the astral world but some will condemn you for it.

And don’t tell them this entire universe is literally made of a ghost, they won’t like that one one bit.

Thats where it came from, it’s literally made of what ghosts are made of.

Hell, one could say this entire thing is “paranormal”.

Sometimes my mind switches over and i can see the trees for what they are even, proof positive someone put the trees there, and in such a strange strange fashion also, i can’t wait for everyone else to see them to.

Whoever put the trees there basically programmed faces in their makeup, it’s like a 3-d image though and your mind must focus properly to see it, i ■■■■ you not they are really there.

I wouldnt suggest smoking DMT or using shrooms…dont need it…telepathy is real…I’ve seen way too many proofs of its existence and the govs mind control programs obviously believe in it. And if you screw up and go “insane” as they call it, then it does become forced incarcerations, psych wards, forced drugging, etc…to get you in line. Like I’ve said before there is true mental illness, and then there are real powers at work that dont fit in with scieties ‘normal’ way of thinking…yet watch the syfy channel and you wonder why all the shows about telepathy, paranormal, time travel, quantum realities, and all that. the media is saturated with it and we all should know science fiction often becomes reality later in the future…so what are they trying to tell us?

I’ve had friends tell me they have become telepathic when using LSD. LSD was always a little too scary for me so I never did much of a dose and never experienced any telepathy. I have though experienced it on rare occasion.

Once my friend and roommate were really getting on each others nerves as roomies will. So we were washing dishes side by side at the kitchen sink. I picked up a sharp knife to wash and Wham! into my head popped the words " I hope you cut yourself". I was sure it was telepathy.